About Us:

Founded in 1961, RESOCO is a company of solutions in raw materials, machinery and refrigerants, with wide participation in the industry in general. For this, we distribute from our warehouses or act as representatives of the most prestigious manufacturers in the global arena.

We have offices in Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala and El Salvador. In 2001 we joined the Bretano Group (www.bretano.com), with which we strengthened our position in the Latin American market.

Our products, with a high degree of quality certified by suppliers, guarantee that we are a reliable business partner in their production processes. Likewise, we have developed an excellent logistics proposal to satisfy the demand and specific requirements for each of our customers.

Count on the support of a leading company with more than fifty years of experience in the care of the production industry.


  • RESOCO provides raw materials and machinery for the Central American and Mexican industry.  We are committed to satisfying the needs of our internal and external customers as well as our other stakeholders,; and therefore:
    • We thrive for a close and long term relationship with our business partners,
    • continuously seeking for innovation and market leadership,
    • creating customer intimacy and
    • operational excellence.

Aware of this, we are constantly dedicated to optimize the management system’s processes, through our highly committed team and tuned with the organization’s culture and strategy.


Política Privacidad de Datos

RESOCO Costa Rica, S.A., en adelante RESOCO únicamente en estricto cumplimiento de la Ley de Protección de la Persona Frente al Tratamiento de sus Datos Personales, Ley Número 8968 y el Reglamento a la Ley de Protección de la Persona frente al Tratamiento de sus Datos Personales.

Our History

  1. Foundation by
    René Sonderegger

  2. Representation of foreign houses

  3. Local Distribution is started

  4. Joined at the team the
    actual General Director, Javier Rodríguez

  5. Started direct
    operations in Guatemala

  6. Started direct
    operations in Panama

  7. RESOCO is transferred to its new
    and current building in La Uruca

  8. The direct operations in Panama finished,
    it is continued to follow form Costa Rica

  9. Started direct
    operations in Mexico

  10. Started direct
    operations in El Salvador

  11. RESOCO has the representation of manufacturers

  12. 136 solar panels are installed in RESOCO Costa Rica offices Standard

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